Pioneers of Italian-made 

leather tanning



A key player in the Italian tanning industry for over a century, Conceria Conti was established in 1910 in Urgnano (BG, Italy), the birthplace of its founder, Giuseppe Conti, and the current headquarters of the company. Four generations of the family have taken turns at the helm of the company, carrying on the passion for tanning with dedication, so much so that they are considered the Italian pioneers of leather, capable of anticipating market needs and providing, before anyone else, cutting-edge solutions for sustainable leather production. Specialised in the processing of skivers, cross-bred, lamb and goat, today the tannery mainly produces top quality leather linings but also outdoor leather goods, footwear, bookbinding, clothing and special items. Conceria Conti is a member of UNIC (Italian acronym for National Union of the Tanning Industry), the world’s most important association of tanning industries.

The same ethics guarantees the utmost respect for people and their physical and mental needs, deploring racism, forced and child labour, gender inequality, discrimination, corruption and any kind of physical and mental violence.




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meters of leather


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Thanks to company’s figures and the solid reputation it has built up over 111 years of history, Conceria Conti is today a reference point for high quality Made in Italy tanning of sheep and goat leather. Research and development in the name of ethics and sustainability are the cornerstones on which the Urgnano-based company is founded. Over the years, the company has been able to create projects and patents that have changed the way leather is processed, reducing the use of solvents and metals to a minimum and paving the way towards sustainable leather production. A work ethic that includes first and foremost control of the leather supply chain and the guarantee of relations with suppliers of raw hides (recovered from the food chain) of the highest quality available on the international market, deploring animal exploitation and carrying out constant and punctual checks and tests on the products delivered.


Conceria Conti intends to achieve its goals of stability and continuous growth through a policy that is attentive to all those who work in and for the Conti world. In particular, with reference to its employees to whom it guarantees the safest and most satisfactory working and economic conditions. It also guarantees suppliers and credit institutions, as well as all stakeholders, financial solidity, financial statements drawn up with the utmost care and transparency and consolidated profits.

In order to pursue increasingly ambitious goals in every corporate division, Conceria Conti chose, by investing human and economic resources, to adhere to the LEAN system, a set of principles, methods and techniques for the management of operational processes, which aims to increase the value perceived by the final customer and systematically reduce waste.

Finally, it guarantees the socio-economic system in which it operates, the Bergamo production district, great attention to the environment and natural resources: both through constant and punctual monitoring of the disposal of production waste, and through continuous control of suppliers of animal raw materials and chemicals.


Conceria Conti intends to guarantee the company a successful future in line with its 111-year history. The company intends to consolidate its position as a leather tanner, treated with high quality processes, for the most important and prestigious brands in the world of leather goods and footwear. At the same time, it aspires to become the market benchmark in the field of goatskins for lining and external use, meeting all the needs of its customers in the best possible way and on time. The aim of Conceria Conti is to differentiate itself from its competitors by an impeccable service in sample preparation, product study, care in carrying out orders and punctual deliveries.