Animal and human welfare first


The social and ethical responsibility and the circular economy applied by Conceria Conti guarantee manufacturing processes compatible with the ecosystem and the well-being of people. As proof of this, in March 2021 Conceria Conti obtained the important Silver certification from the Leather Working Group (LWG). For the company this is a truly important achievement, which comes after years of work aimed at achieving high standards in terms of environmental sustainability, the well-being of employees and the quality of the final product. The application of the principle of sustainability also concerns the research and development sector: for some time, the in-house department has created and put on the market a range of articles made of metal-free and chrome-free ram cuttings available to all customers who are attentive to the environment and the territory in which they live.


The raw hides and skins used by the company come from controlled farms that meet the highest animal welfare standards and are destined for the food industry from the outset. By purchasing skins that would otherwise have to be disposed of, the Tannery creates a circular economy and ennobles a waste product from the food industry by giving it new life.


The Tannery has eliminated products and solvents considered harmful and has developed new technologies to reduce the use of water in favour of reduced water consumption. It has studied, in collaboration with specialised companies, biodegradable degreasers that are not harmful to the environment. Furthermore, the leather, being of natural origin, does not release microplastics into the ocean. For many years, the company has complied with the international REACH regulations in terms of the use of chemical products and production processes, and slavishly complies with all other regulations on waste disposal and the reduction of air, process water and soil pollution.


The Tannery has created an internal welfare scheme for employees that also includes the organisation of company events dedicated to the well-being of workers. It has also made a contribution to the community of the poor in the Urgnano parish.


The Tannery has never stopped investing in cutting-edge and innovative machinery capable of reducing environmental impact, customising them with the direct involvement of the manufacturing company, based on Conti specifications.